Lucia Martinelli


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Senior scientist, head of Science in Society  at MUSE-Science museum, Trento, Board member  Italian Association ‘Donne Scienza’ and European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS)

Lucia Martinelli has a PhD at the Wageningen Agricultural University (The Netherlands), a Laurea in Biological Sciences (Bologna University, Italy) and a Master of Scientific Journalism and Communication (Ferrara University, Italy). During her activity as researcher in Italian and foreign public and industrial research institutes, she developed and coordinated research in the field of biotechnology, focused on gene transfer, GMO traceability and scientific communication. Since June 2011 researcher at MUSE in the interconnections between scientific innovations and society. She has experience in text writing and hosting programs for the radio, and as author of science-theater texts. She has been the president of the Commission for the Equal Opportunities of the Autonomous Province of Trento.




"Scienza, genere e società. Prospettive di genere in una società che si evolve" a cura di Sveva Avveduto, Maria Luigia Paciello, Tatiana Arrigoni, Cristina Mangia, Lucia Martinelli



Lo stereotipo della scienza specifico maschile - RSI Rete Uno - 5.10.2015